CTP Alumni Whereabouts

Now that most of the early and regular decisions are out, we wanted to highlight some of our CTP Alumni who have been accepted to prestigious colleges abroad this year.

Aimen Ali — Dartmouth College
Akotet Yeshaw — KAIST
Beemnet Andualem — NYU Abu Dhabi
Dagim Haddis — Columbia University & Tufts University
Efrata Thewidros — Lafayette College
Hawi Humnessa — Cornell University
Kidest Frew — Cornell University
Keto Etefa — Pomona College
Nebus Adane — MIT
Tsigemariam Yizengaw — Columbia University
Wakuma Tesfaye — Columbia University
Yeabsira Tofik — Harvard University

Congratulations to you all! We are so proud of you! All of your efforts and passion have paid off. The hard work is not over.

Let the passion, goals, and hard work continue and we can’t wait to see you do monumental things.

To learn more about CTP and what we do, visit this page and we would like to invite you to contribute what you can to help us reach more students. 

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